Dymax eZ Filter EF-20


Dymax eZ Filter EF-20


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Dymax eZ Filter EF-20

Dymax eZ Filter is a highly efficient and easy to maintain internal filtration system which is as complete as it can be. This filter is equipped with a powerful Dymax power head that draws water from both surface and bottom of the aquarium.

  • suitable for most aquarium

  • easy maintenance

  • for both freshwater & marine

  • filtration media included

  • Flow rate 600L/h

  • Suits aquariums up to 100L

As a complete filtration system, this unit has all filter media in the most practical filter basket compartment which includes white wool to trap large dirt particles; activated carbon to remove chemical impurities, odour and discolouration from water and a bio sponge which cultivates bacteria to clean the water and remove nitrate effectively.

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