About Aquaristic Online

Welcome to Aquaristic Online! With over 20 years of experience, our professional team have a passion for fishkeeping and want to share their experiences and inspire customers through our online aquarium shop, retail store and showroom based in Sydney.
Aquaristic stocks everything from fish food online to state-of-the-art marine filtration systems in order to help you achieve the best aquarium aquascape in your home or office.We have aquarium supplies, parts and even whole aquarium systems, like our best-selling Red Sea Reefer range. We carry over 4,000 popular and remarkable aquarium supplies online from top brands including Aqua OneEheim, Red Sea, Aquamedic, Tunze, Kessil, Ecotech Marine, Aqua Illumination, Seachem, Nyos, Caribsea, Salifert, CADE, Hikari, etc.

Aquaristic Online has been operated since 2008. We ship items from our showroom based in Sydney where we maintain our stock and a large collection of quality Marine and Tropical Aquarium fish, invertebrates and Aquarium plants. Plus a range of driftwood, rocks and other Aquarium design materials.
Our prices are the same whether you prefer to visit us in store or buy from us online, all of our customers get the same price, care and attention no matter how they wish to purchase items from us.  
If you are local to the area please come and visit our purpose-designed store and showroom that are presented as galleries, so visitors can enjoy our wonderful collection whilst choosing some of our happy and healthy fish.
We are available daily to assist you and answer any questions, solve problems and address any concerns you may be experiencing in your aquarium hobby. You can contact us by phone, email or in person when you visit us in store.