Continuum Aquatics Reef Sculpture B 500ml

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Continuum Aquatics Reef Sculpture B 500ml


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Continuum Aquatics Reef Sculpture B 500ml


  • Reef Sculpture parts A & B, when used together and as directed are an ionically balanced calcium and alkalinity control system

  • Unlike many other products which will cause a buildup of chlorides or other ions, Reef Sculpture will maintain seawater ratios of important ions

  • When used as directed it will maintain calcium and buffering capacity in the same ratio found in natural seawater

  • It contains no acetate, gluconates, polygluconates or other unnecessary organics to pollute your aquarium

  • It is phosphate and nitrate free. 

Use in aquarium keeping

  • Proper control of calcium level is imperative for the health and growth of corals and many other invertebrates.

  • If the calcium concentration is too low, growth rates will suffer.

  • If it is too high, alkalinity or buffering capacity will be diminished, leading to possible instability of pH.

  • Sufficient magnesium levels are also necessary to maintain the proper balance.

  • It is therefore recommended that the hobbyist measure and control the levels of calcium, magnesium and alkalinity on a regular basis.

  • Strontium is also required for formation of aragonite.

  • Continuum recommends that you maintain a calcium level of between 410 and 450 mg/L (ppm), an alkalinity level of 7 to 11 dKH (2.5 to 4 meq/L), and a magnesium level of 1250 to 1350 mg/L (ppm).

  • Note: Aquarists keeping SPS corals should consider keeping alkalinity at 7 to no more than 9 dKH (2.5 to 3.21 meq/L). Do not add part A (or other calcium products) and part B or other buffering (alkalinity products) simultaneously, wait a few minutes and allow for plenty of circulation prior. This way you will avoid unnecessary precipitation and possible cloudiness.


  • Shake well prior to use.

  • Add 1 capful (5 ml) per 25 US-gallons (100 L) of marine aquarium water 3 to 4 times per week.

  • For best results, measure the calcium concentration and add as required to maintain the concentration between 410 and 450 mg/L (ppm). 

Expert use

  • Dosing through use of a drip system is a superior method of addition.

  • Two dosing systems are required to dose part A and part B.

  • Do not mix part A with part B or buffers or alkalinity supplements prior to addition.

  • You may mix it with strontium, calcium, and many other supplements.

  • Determine the amount of calcium consumption during the time it takes add the entire volume of your drip system.

  • Determine the amount of Reef•Sculpture part A to add in milliliters by multiplying your tank capacity in gallons by the amount you want to raise it in mg/l (ppm) and by 0.0667. (Example: if you have a 100 gallon tank and you want to raise the level by 10 ppm with the entire dose, you would multiply 100 x 10 x 0.0667 which equals 66.7 ml of Reef•Sculpture part A or 13-1/3 capfuls).

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