Vivid Creative Aquatic VCA Random Flow Generator RFG075

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VCA Random Flow Generator - 3/4 Inch Waterbox & Aqua One (WBRFG075)

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The Random Flow Generator® Nozzle

This Set is designed to suit larger Waterbox and Aqua One Tanks.

The Only Random Flow Generating Device With No Moving Parts…

The primary focus of the RFG or Random Flow Generator® Nozzle, is to transform the flow from your return line or closed loop system, into a more beneficial randomized flow pattern.


  • Can help to create a more natural water movement within your aquarium.
  • Helps to lift and suspend detritus and other debris so your filtration can remove them.
  • Allows you to increase flow without damaging corals or creating a sand storm within your aquarium.
  • No additional electricity, heat or noise.
  • Easy to install – no tools, glue or plumbers tape required.

The Random Flow Generator™ Nozzle is the ONLY random flow generating device on the market with no moving parts.

The patent pending design uses fluid dynamics to vary both the intensity and direction of the flow, as it exits the nozzle. This means it will never get stuck, stop working or require internal maintenance.

It’s a simple solution to generating random flow in your aquarium.

How Does the RFG work?

The internal structure of the RFG Nozzle is comprised of a 5-vane helix that spirals nearly the entire length of the nozzle with a central jet.

Each vane of the helix is connected to an educator at the base. Together, they form a set of internal channels.

These channels along with the centre jet, work together to pull the flow in one direction or the other as it exits the nozzle creating he randomization effect.

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