Two Little Fishies Pouch Feeder

Two Little Fishies

Two Little Fishies Pouch Feeder


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Two Little Fishies Pouch Feeder

A magnetically coupled perforated pouch to serve cubes or blocks of frozen foods,  folded sheets of seaweed, or whole plants.

Fishes or invertebrates will graze from the pouch!

Let your fish naturally graze on algae and other foods with Two Little Fishies PouchFeeder.

The pouches are made out of a flexible plastic that your fish can easily peck through to get chunks of food. The PouchFeeder comes with a strong mounting magnet letting you position the food right where you (or your fish) want it on your tanks side panel. Stuffing the pouch with any type of nori (dried algae) or other types of soft and frozen food works great and lets your fish feed throughout the day like they would in the wild.

Using a grazing style feeder is perfect for tangs, blennies, angels, and other herbivorous fish that like to constantly pick at rocks and algae throughout the day. The PouchFeeder is also perfect for any aquarium that houses fish that have a variety of feeding behaviors, allowing the food to stick around long enough, giving some of your more timid fish a chance to eat. 

Max Glass Thickness - 12mm

What's Included?

  • 1x Magnet Assembly

  • 2x Feeding Pouches

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