Two Little Fishies C-Balance 500ml

Two Little Fishies

Two Little Fishies C-Balance 500ml


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Two Little Fishies C-Balance 500ml

A two-part solution for replenishing calcium and alkalinity. Adjusts calcium, magnesium and strontium ions to Natural Seawater ratios, and achieves a balanced ionic residual. Promotes the optimal conditions for stony corals and coralline algae.

The benefits of using C-Balance include:

  • It is a two-part system, bottle ‘A' being the calcium component and ‘B' the alkalinity component, which replenishes calcium and carbonate alkalinity with the correct ratio of major and minor ions, including magnesium and strontium.

  • Promotes more stable water chemistry for your animals. Non-fluctuating and stable levels encourage the health and growth of corals and various invertebrates.

  • By testing calcium and alkalinity, and then following the C-Balance directions to determine the correct dosage, the aquarist virtually eliminates the possibility of dosing incorrectly and creating an ionic imbalance in the aquarium.

  • Replenishes some salts lost via protein skimming and evaporation.

  • Works well with other means of controlling chemistry, including Kalkwasser drip systems and as a supplement to calcium reactors (if testing indicates such supplementation is needed).

  • For ease of use, measuring caps are provided and the directions on the bottles are very concise and easy to understand.


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