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Tunze Comline DOC Skimmer 9004



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Tunze Comline DOC Skimmer 9004 DC

  • Recommended, depending on tank load, from 60 to 250 liters of sea water.

  • Immersion depth: approx. 225 to 245 mm

  • Skimmer cup volume: 0.2 liters

  • Air capacity: approx. 150 l/h

  • Energy consumption: 4 W, 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz)

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 110 x 90 x 305 mm

  • Magnet Holder up to a glass thickness of 12 mm.

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How do you select the right DOC skimmer for a marine aquarium?

The TUNZE® Comline® opens the way for compact aquarium components for internal operation, ultra functional, sophisticated, with clearly defined lines.

The Comline® is a multi-functional product line: Surface and substrate zone intake, high flow propeller pump filter, flash protein skimming, the system creates a natural environment in the aquarium with a compact footprint. The goal, more performance from less space. Comline® components meet these requirements and the visual harmony of the aquarium is maintained. It is no longer necessary to hide technical equipment in the aquarium; instead, it forms an integral part of it. The system is highly effective; all organic pollutants are removed from the environment directly, while the path the water has to cover is short and direct. The risk of leakage is almost zero. The highly efficient technology enables reduction of the volume of the internal equipment, as well as significantly reducing the energy consumption .

Comline® DOC Skimmer 9004

Comline® DOC Skimmer 9004

The Comline® DOC Skimmer 9004 is designed for use in seawater up to 250 liters (66 US gal.). It operates according to the TUNZE® flash skimming principle and acquires the water through an efficient surface suction with a surface film removal, and can therefore also be used as a "stand-alone" solution in the aquarium. The TUNZE® Foamer generates large volumes of fine air bubbles with a diameter of between .1 and .3 mm (.004" - .012") and is especially quiet during operation.
The Comline® DOC Skimmer with a magnet holder for glass up to a thickness of 12 mm (½") is supplied installation-ready.

The flash skimming principle enables highly efficient foam production.

Organic-rich surface water is mixed thoroughly with small air bubbles in the TUNZE® Foamer. On the surface of the air bubbles, pollutants such as protein, cellulose, dead cells, etc. are adsorbed immediately, the air bubbles are very fine, with a diameter between .1 and .3 mm. The water / air mixture expands and stabilizes in the skimmer cup reactor, the water returns to the aquarium, and the protein-loaded air bubbles spill over into the skimmer cup. The patented anti-overfoaming system intermediate chamber prevents the skimmer from overfoaming and controls the skimmer performance, depending on the water level and organic load.

The particularly high efficiency of the flash skimming principle, compared to large skimmers with long contact time, is obtained because the substances adsorbed by the air bubbles are not released again, thus they don't return to the aquarium water.

Electronically controllable by the Turbelle Controller. Micro-processor controlled PM motor operating on safety extra-low voltage of 12 V to 24 V. Blocking and run-dry protection.

Self Cleaning Impeller


Energy Saving


Skimmer cup, 0.2 liters volume, also accommodates the foam reactor, easy to remove.

Surface intake with bacteria film removal.

Attachment with a patented magnet holder for a glass thickness of up to 12 mm.

Intermediate chamber with a patented anti-overfoaming system.

Comline® design: comfortable use, elegant and unobtrusive in the aquarium.

Bubble-free outgoing water.


Comline® electronic Foamer 9004.041

Comline® electronic Foamer 9004.041 high air output and low energy consumption.

Silencer for an exceptionally quiet operation.

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