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Tunze LED Eco Chic - Full Spectrum 5000K - 25000K 26W (8850.000)



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Tunze LED Eco Chic - Full Spectrum 5000K - 25000K 26W (8850.000)

  • Suitable for stony coral aquariums up to approx. 40 liters, soft coral aquariums up to approx. 60 liters and freshwater aquariums up to approx. 80 liters

  • Equipped with 76 1-watt LEDs with Ultra Low Current Technology. Cold white, blue LEDs (450 nm), green and red LEDs for an adjustable light spectrum from > 13,000 K up to pure blue light.

  • Manuall adjustment with included magnet holder, alternatively with separately available Multicontroller 7097 or SmartController 7000.

  • Active power control: The power is adjusted depending on the luminaire temperature in order to protect the LED as much as possible.

  • Permanently usable under water: the improved cooling increases the output up to a maximum of 26 W total output, correspondingly, the brightness and photosynthetically active radiation.

  • Factory settings in air:

  • Color temperature: approx. 30,000 K

  • Perceived brightness: 400 lm

  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation Flux (PAR): 2.2 W

  • Photosynthetic photon flux: 9.2 µmol / s

  • Power consumption: 9.5 W

  • Power supply: 100-240V/50-60Hz.

  • Magnet Holder for a glass thickness up to 12 mm.

  • Dimensions without holder (L x W x H): 305 x 25 x 13 mm

  • Cable length: 2.5 m

    This lamp is intended exclusively for illuminating aquariums and contains built-in LED bulbs. The bulbs in the lamp can not be replaced.

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