Sera Toxivec 5L


Sera Toxivec 5000ml


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Sera Toxivec 5000ml

First aid in aquariums

  • Immediately removes ichthyotoxic ammonia and nitrite

  • Binds heavy metals such as lead and copper

  • Removes chlorine and chloramines

  • Lowers nitrate levels and, correspondingly, algae growth

Due to destabilizing factors (including overfeeding, high fish density, new setups, larger maintenance efforts or using treatments) massive pollution peaks by ichthyotoxic pollutants such as ammonia and nitrite may suddenly occur in aquarium water.

In such emergency situations, sera toxivec immediately removes these toxic substances as well as other dangerous substances such as chlorine and heavy metals.

The natural equilibrium quickly re-establishes after having removed the pollutants without the necessity of repeated stress causing large water changes.

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