Seachem CO2 pH Checker


Seachem Glass pH Checker 25mm


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Seachem pH Checker - Glassware

Seachem pH checker gives a constant and consistent reading of your tanks pH. Just replace the liquid periodically.

Seachem pH Checker 


  • pH Checker 

  • Monitors pH solution in aquarium

  • Easy-to-read colour changing indicator solution included

  • Recommended for planted aquaria with CO2 injection systems


  • The pH checker is a glass pH monitor that comes with pH sensitive indicator solution.

  • When submerged in water, this indicator solution changes colour according to changes in the pH of the aquarium as a result of CO2 gas.

  • The pH checker makes monitoring CO2 concentrations and pH level in planted aquaria easy.

  • Suction cup included. 


  • pH Checker works with any size aquarium.

  • Holding the funnel side of pH Checker upward fill the small bulb with 20 drops of indicator solution.

  • Slowly turn the funnel side down avoiding any spillage of the solution.

  • Insert pH Checker into aquarium funnel side down trapping air in the funnel.

  • Attach the pH Checker in aquarium at the furthest point from any diffuser.

  • The colour of the indicator solution will change yellow to green to blue according to the pH of the water.

  • A more yellow colour indicates lower pH / more CO2. A more blue colour indicates higher pH / less CO2.

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