Seachem Flourish Phosphorus 250ml


Seachem Flourish Phosphorus 250ml


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Seachem Flourish Phosphorus 250ml

Flourish Phosphorus is a safe solution (4500mg/L phosphate) of potassium phosphate that takes the guess work out of phosphate dosing. Unlike competing products that mix nitrate and phosphate in a fixed ratio, Flourish Phosphorus (being nitrate free) allows you to dose phosphorus according to the needs of your plants without the risk of overdosing nitrates. When used as directed Flourish Phosphorus will enhance and accelerate the growth of aquatic plants without enhancing algae growth. For maximum benefit use with Flourish Nitrogen and Flourish Potassium.

Why It's Different

Unlike competing products, Flourish Phosphorus is entirely nitrogen-free, making it possible to adjust the Phosphorus level in an aquarium without affecting nitrogen levels.


BEGINNER: Use 2.5ml (half a cap) for each 80L (20 gallons) once or twice a week or as needed in response to signs of phosphorus deficiency (e.g. stunted growth, plant dark green).

EXPERT: The beginner dose raises phosphorus by 0.05mg/L (0.15mg/L phosphate). The ideal phosphate level will vary, but generally ranges from 0.15–1.0mg/L. Use MultiTest: Phosphate to monitor phosphate levels. To target a specific phosphate increase, dose according to the following formula: 0.8vp=m, where v= volume of tank in gallons*, p=desired phosphate increase and m=volume of product to use in mL. For example to raise 20 gallons to 0.1mg/L phosphate you would use: 0.8*20*0.1=1.6ml.


  • Potassium Phosphate

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Total Phosphate (P2O5) 0.3%

  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 0.2%


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