Aquavitro Activate


Aquavitro Activate 350ml (Phosphorus)


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Aquavitro Activate 350ml

  • Concentrated (6,000 mg/L P) phosphorus source

  • Activates vital chemical reactions within plants

  • Mixture of readily available and time-released iron

Phosphorus is one of the three macro nutrients (NPK) required by plants. It is a component of ATP, NADP, nucleic acids and membrane phospholipids. Phosphorus is mobile in plants; this means that the plants divert these nutrients from older leaves to newer leaves. Thus, deficiency symptoms appear in older leaves first. Deficiency symptoms include dark, dull, or discolored leaves.

Activate is a concentrated (6,000 mg/L P) phosphorus source. When used as directed, activate will enhance and accelerate the growth of aquatic plants without enhancing algae growth. For maximum benefit, use with synthesis.

Activate is made with potassium salts of various phosphates, and is therefore a source of potassium as well. It contains 8,800 mg/L of potassium.

 Directions :

  • Use half a capful (5 mL) for every 680 L (180 US gallons) twice a week (or as needed). This dose increases phosphate by 0.15 mg/L, and potassium by 0.06 mg/L.

  • When used with aquavitro's nitrogen supplement, synthesis at the same dose (5 mL/680 L (180 US gallons)) both products provide nitrogen and phosphorus in a 5:1 N:P ratio.

  • For smaller dosing, use the included pipette. Filled to the base of the bulb, the pipette holds 1 mL.

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