Pax Bellum Iron Manganese Supplement 500ml

Pax Bellum

Pax Bellum Iron Manganese Supplement 500ml


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Pax Bellum Iron Manganese Supplement 500ml

The ARID system is capable of targeting specific nutrients for export by growing macro-algae. In the reef aquarium, the goal is to balance nutrients N:P:K:C, with a focus on limiting phosphate (P). Usually abundant, potassium (K) and carbon (C) are not dosed. However, nitrogen (N) can become depleted by the growth of algae, causing its growth to stall. To keep the algae growing, aquarist should dose out Nitrogen + Moybdenum solution to maintain the NO3 level at a minimum of 20:1 and ideally a 100:1 ratio to phosphate. This will allow chaetomorpha or macro-algae of choice to continue to grow until phosphate levels are depleted. Necessary for algae growth, dose daily with Iron + Manganese solution. These elements are difficult to test for but easily precitipate out of seawater and should be replenished daily for best results.


Dose 0.1ml per 100L daily


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