Mastersoil Next HG Powder 8L


Master Soil Black - Powder 8L

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Master Soil Next HG Black Powder 8L

Master Soil is a Japanese active substrate intended for planted tanks.

Master Soil has more plant nutrients (mainly fulvic and humic acids as well as minerals) and naturally regulates the parameters of the water in the aquarium by lowering the value of the pH, GH and KH parameters.

Master Soil substrate can also be used for the breeding of ornamental shrimp and tropical fish. The active substrate Master Soil is manufactured in Japan using the latest technology of multi-stage surface sintering. As a result, the Master Soil substrate has excellent absorption properties, very high porosity, which prevents the formation of anaerobic zones and accelerates the colonization of Master Soil granules with large colonies of bacteria that quickly decompose "ammonia" (NH4 +) and nitrite (NO2). As a result, the time between water changes is significantly longer.

Advantages of the substrate:

  • water crystallizes very quickly

  • the substrate quickly removes the color of the wood resulting from the roots placed in the tank

  • lowers and stabilizes the pH, GH and KH parameters

  • porous structure ideal for the development of nitrifying bacteria

  • high nutrient content for aquatic plants

  • long service life of the substrate 

Recommended amount of substrate:

Aquarium 120-150 liters 24 - 32 liters of substrate


  • Do not use Master Soil in conjunction with other substrates.

  • Master Soil does not require additional bedding.

  • Use only in freshwater aquariums for breeding ornamental fish and plants not intended for consumption.

  • Do not use filter cartridges or chemicals that lower the pH and KH as the pH and KH values ​​may drop uncontrolled.

  • The product is not a cure for diseases of plants and fish.


  • Fill the tank without rinsing or washing soil.

  • Disperse the water gently without disturbing the soil.

  • During the initial setup period, the aquarium water may turn cloudy.

  • The cloudiness can be reduced in several hours simply by filtering the water.

  • There may be a film stretched on the water surface.

  • The film can be removed by changing the water.

  • There may be brown stains on the glass surface of the tank.

  • These stains can be rubbed off by hand and there is no effect on water quality.

  • The product undergoes strict quality control but there may be rare cases of foreign substances that may still be in the soil.

  • Remove if discovered prior to using the soil.

  • Avoid over-keeping with excessive aeration.

  • A special  heat-treatment helps the soil to retain the necessary nutrients for aquatic plants.  Furthermore, it makes the soil porous, water-permeable, breathable, and water-retainable.


  • Use Immediatley after opening.

  • The soil will dry and become brittle when stored over time.

  • This product will keep water pH slightly acidic but pH may fluctuate due to the use of layout materials, filter media, and water conditioners.

  • Periodically check the pH especially if keeping delicate fish and plants.

  • Allow extra time for fsh to adjust to their new new aquarium's environment.

  • This product is not a medical item which remedies this sickness of fish.

  • This package bag may cause suffocation. Keep out of the reach of children

Master Soil Next HG is available in three grain sizes and each grain size is available in 3L and 8L bags:

  • Super Powder Type: 1mm - 2mm

  • Powder Type: 2.5mm - 3mm

  • Normal Type: 4mm - 5mm 

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