Kessil H360X Horticulture Refugium


Kessil H360X Tuna Flora - Refugium / Horticulture


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Kessil H360X Refugium / Horticulture

Kessil hits the mark with the X series 360 being 25% more powerful giving better light spread, with a 30% smaller unit and RY inclusion into their dense matirx led which not only improved the red colour but also Amber.

Light Spread / Illumination

The X360 has a light spread of 130 degrees giving better coverage.

Including a increase in light penetration of 25% more means this light can perform better over larger areas.

Where in the past most lights have been based on a 60cm segment of lighting Kessils are able to extend this to closer to 90cm.

This means on a 6ft - 180cm tank you can use just two lights rather than three.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions 11cm x 6.8cm

  • Unit Weight 0.39kg

  • Spectrum Blue, Grow, Bloom, Red, Daylight, Green

  • Power Adapter100-240V AC (input) 19V DC (output)

  • Power Consumption 90W max

What's in the Box

  • 1x A360X

  • 1x A360X Narrow Reflector

  • 1x Power Adapter

  • 1x AC Adapter Cable

  • 1x DC Extension Cable

  • 1x Hanging Ring

  • 2x Metal Screw Hook

  • 2x Hanging Bracket

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