Hikari Fancy Guppy 22g


Hikari Fancy Guppy 22g


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Hikari Fancy Guppy 22g

Hikari Fancy Guppy is specially formulated daily food for all Livebearers. Includes krill a natural source of Astaxanthin which promotes vivid colouring and seaweeda natural source of iodine. Hikari technology created a pellet that quickly sftens in water without losing its shape. The Micro-Coating T avoids nutrient loss through leaching. 

Suits: Livebearers, Guppies, Mollies, Swordtails and Platies. 

Feed 2-3 times a a day only the amount your fish consumes in a few minutes. Avoid over feeding. 

Crude Protein: min 50%; Crude Fat: min 8%; Crude Fibre: max 2%; Moisture: max 10%; Crude Ash: max 18%; Phosphorous: min 1% 

Made in Japan


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