Flipper Deep See Magnified Viewer Coral


Flipper Deep See Viewing Lens 4"


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Flipper Deepsee Magnified Aquarium Viewer - 10cm - 4inch


Flipper Deepsee is a magnified viewer allowing a close up view of your aquarium and corals with a strong magnet up to 16mm glass.


Getting a close up view of your tank inhabitants allows you to get a better view or look closely for issues and help deal with problems before they become bigger issues.



Glass or Acrylic Tanks


Optical grade magnifying lens with 10cm - 4inch viewing portal is perfect for aquarium photography with focal range approximately 7.5 to 20cm.


Held in place by strong rare earth magnets for use on tanks up to 16mm tank wall thickness


Easily moves around the tank for viewing from any location


Great at checking for any early signs of disease or pests on your reef coral or fish!


Deep See is Safe for both glass and acrylic! 


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