Eheim Substrat Pro 1L


Eheim Substrat Pro 1L


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Eheim Substrat Pro 1L

Bio Filter medium for best biological decomposition of toxins. After the mechanical treatment of the water by Eheim Mech, Substrat Pro offers optimum colonisation conditions to the important purification bacteria due to the high bulk density of the Pearl-Like shape (full utilisation of filter volume with anti-clogging effect) and the best colonisation surface (best possible area for the colonisation of bacteria on each sphere).

These benefits produce the maximum number of purification bacteria ensuting clear, healthy water, stable water values and longer service life of the filter.

Substrat Pro gives faster decomposition of unsafe ammonia and nitrite levels and is inert and can be rinsed out and re-used several times.

Sintered Pearl-shape Glass

  • pH Neutral
  • 450sqm/litre
  • 4x faster rate of decomposition of toxins
  • Bacteria stick better to surface with complex pore system
  • Optimal sites for bacteria colonization
  • Washable and reusable i.e. prolonged usage up to 50% more

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