Eheim Thermopreset 50


Eheim Thermopreset Heater 50


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Eheim Thermopreset Heater 50w

The electronic control guarantees an extremely high temperature accuracy, the highly efficient heating element ensures an even heat distribution.

The EHEIM thermocontrol bar heater is different from the EHEIM thermocontrol due to the additional plastic protection which ensures high mechanical stability. As usual from EHEIM, both heaters are equipped with an LED light to control the heating function and a dry-running protection.

Advantages of the EHEIM thermopreset heater

  • High user-friendliness thanks to preset temperature

  • Due to short lengths also usable in small basins

  • Very narrow and therefore less visible in the aquarium

  • Plastic protection ensures high mechanical stability 

  • High temperature accuracy due to electronic control

  • Even heat distribution thanks to the highly efficient heating element

  • With dry-running protection

  • A control lamp indicates the heating function

  • Secure fixing by means of the included suction cups

  • Suitable for freshwater and marine water

  • 3 years warranty

The new heater is available in four different performance classes, which are indicated by the number in the product name: thermopreset50 (50W), thermopreset100 (100W), thermopreset150 (150W) and thermopreset200 (200W).  Common to all variants is the slim design – with a diameter of only 2,8 cm and a length of 17 to 25 cm, the heater is hardly visible also in small basins.

Technical data EHEIM thermopreset 50

  • Temperature range: 25°C +/- 1°C, permanently setted

  • Power consumption 230 V/50 Hz, 50 W,

  • Length: 169 mm, diameter: 28 mm

  • For aquariums: 25-60 l

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