Dr Tims Aquatics AquaCleanse - Freshwater 8oz (1,817L)

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Dr Tims Aquatics Freshwater - AquaCleanse 8oz (1,817L)


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Dr Tims Aquatics AquaCleanse - Freshwater 8oz (1,817L)

AquaCleanse is used to eliminate common chemicals in tap water that are toxic to fish and other aquarium creatures - with no unpleasant odors.

These chemicals, such as chlorine, chloramines and ammonia, are in tap water in order to make it safe for us to drink by killing bacteria, viruses and parasites.

However, these same chemicals can also kill your fish, which is why you need to add AquaCleanse to your tap water before setting up a new aquarium or pond and doing routine water changes. AquaCleanse destroys the chemical bonds that form ammonia, chlorine and chloramines.

Dosing: Add 5 ml of AquaCleanse per 10 gallons of tapwater and stir the water for 15 seconds.

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