Dennerle Shrimp King Shrimp Salt GH+ KH+


Dennerle Shrimp King Shrimp Salt GH+ KH+ 200g


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Dennerle Shrimp King Shrimp Salt GH+ KH+ 200g

Multimineral salt for shrimps with valuable minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

  • Creates the ideal water values for the successful keeping and breeding of shrimps that require a neutral to slightly acidic pH of 7.0-7.5

  • Ideal for Neocaridina species and their varieties such as Sakura, White Pearl, Rilis, Blue Pearl, etc., as well as for all breeds of Tiger shrimp, Caridina mariae

  • For balanced growth, health, vitality and high breeding success

  • Promotes growth as valuable natural nutrition, especially for young shrimps

For targeted hardening of osmosis water, rain water and purified water. Developed especially for keeping and breeding shrimps from biotopes with a relatively neutral pH, e.g. Neocaridina species and their varieties such as White Pearl, Sakura, Rili, etc., as well as Tiger shrimps, Caridina mariae. With all the essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins shrimps need for healthy, balanced growth, vibrant colours and plentiful reproduction.

With Shrimp Salt, water can be produced with a total hardness and carbonate hardness similar to that which shrimps are accustomed to in their natural habitats. At the same time it promotes the activity of filter bacteria and promotes plant growth.

• Increases total hardness and carbonate hardness

• With essential vitamin B complex

• Biologically balanced calcium-magnesium ratio

• Creates the perfect conditions for problem-free moulting


Recommended water values: total hardness 6–7 °dH, carbonate hardness 1 °dH and/or conductivity 270-330 μS/cm (microsiemens). This corresponds to the enclosed 3-ml-measuring spoon (reference values): 2 ml (approx. 1.5 g / 0.05 oz) for 10 L / 2.6 US gallon water.

Stir Shrimp Salt into water in a separate container. After a short time the salt will have dissolved and the water can be used. Add any undissolved solids to the aquarium too

• Provides the perfect conditions for successful breeding

• Dissolves quickly, easy to use


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