Continuum Aquatics Flora Viv Blackwater 500ml

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Continuum Aquatics Flora Viv Blackwater 500ml


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Continuum Aquatics Flora Viv Blackwater
Simulates conditions found in tropical rainforests & rivers for freshwater & Planted aquaria

  • Flora•Viv Blackwater is designed to simulate conditions of color and content of Amazon and similar forested river regions of South America, Southeast Asia and Africa.
  • It is particularly useful as an aid to induce spawning and hatching of certain species of fishes native to those areas.
  • It will tint the water a light yellow to a light brown color, depending on the amount used, reducing stress and improving color and vigor of fishes.
  • Flora•Viv Blackwater contains naturally chelated iron, other minerals, and vitamins that will stimulate biological cycles in fishes and plants, without causing unsightly algae growth.
  • Flora•Viv Blackwater contains no gluconates, or dangerous polycycloglutaracetal, or glutaraldehyde as some competing products do.



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