Continuum Aquatics Coralline Purple CX 500ml

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Continuum Aquatics Coralline Purple CX 500ml


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Continuum Aquatics Coralline Purple CX 500ml


  • Coralline Purple CX is specifically designed to encourage and accelerate growth of purple and pink coralline algae without fertilizing green algae

  • Made from expensive marine aragonite, with added supporting minerals

  • Will not pollute your system

  • Phosphate and nitrate free

Use in aquarium keeping

  • It is important to measure phosphates and keep the level as low as possible to encourage coralline algae growth.

  • Continuum recommends that you maintain a calcium level of between 410 and 450 mg/L (ppm), an alkalinity level of 7 to 11 dKH (2.5 to 4 meq/L), and a magnesium level of 1250 to 1350 mg/L (ppm).

  • Note: Aquarists keeping SPS corals should consider keeping alkalinity at 7 to no more than 9 dKH (2.5 to 3.21 meq/L).

  • Addition of Coralline Purple•CX at night will help balance pH and prevent night time pH decline. It will also allow time for the water to clear from the cloudiness that is inherent in dissolving the aragonite particles in the product.


  • Coralline Purple•CX will cloud the aquarium upon addition, it is therefore recommended that it be added a night in an area of strong flow

  • Shake vigorously immediately prior to use! Add 1 capful (5 ml) per 25 US-gallons (100 L) of marine aquarium water 3 to 4 times per week

  • Coralline Purple•CX will raise the calcium level in your aquarium

  • For best results, measure the calcium concentration and add as required to maintain the concentration between 410 and 450 mg/L (ppm)

  • This product is not suitable for use in most dosing systems because of the need for agitation, and should be added manually

  • Daily addition is preferable

  • Do not mix with any other supplements prior to addition

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