Continuum Aquatics Bio Viv Garlic 60ml

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Continuum Aquatics Bio Viv Garlic 60ml


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Continuum Aquatics Bio Viv Garlic 60ml

Concentrated liquid garlic attractant and food supplement for all fishes.


  • Made from over 99% pure pressed garlic.

  • Unlike most competing products, no water is added, only a small amount of Vitamin C is added as a preservative.

  • Also, garlic oil is not used because it requires the use of strong emulsifiers that can have a tendency to contaminate the aquarium.

Use in aquarium keeping

  • Bio Viv Garlic is particularly recommended for fish that are finicky eaters.

  • It is a strong attractant. Bio Viv Garlic is also particularly recommended for aquariums suffering from ectoparasite infections.

  • In this case, add it to the water as well as to the food.

  • No medicinal claims are made in this regard, but fish that won't eat, particularly those with parasites, don't live long and garlic has long been used for this purpose, as well as an attractant, so fish may benefit from its natural properties.

  • Bio Viv Garlic does not require refrigeration, but refrigeration after opening is recommended and will prolong its shelf life significantly.


  • Shake well prior to use.

  • Add 4 or more drops of Bio Viv Garlic to dry, previously frozen, or live food as a soak and let stand for 15 minutes (45 minutes for live food), as an attractant for finicky eaters.

  • For best results, also add 4 or more drops of our multivitamin Bio Viv M for marines or Bio Viv F for freshwater.

  • Bio Viv HUFA may be added to supply Omega 3 fatty acids, as well. Bio Viv Garlic may also be be added directly to the aquarium.

  • In this case, Add 1 capful (5 ml) per 50 US-gallons (200 L) of aquarium water 2 to 3 times per week.

  • Do not insert any tool into this bottle, particularly do not allow aquarium water to enter the bottle, to do so will introduce bacteria into the product and accelerate its decomposition. Instead, add appropriate amount of Bio Viv Garlic into a cup.

  • Feed all that you add or pour and do not return any product to the container (again to prevent contamination).


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