Chihiros NEW Doctor


CLEARANCE - Chihiros NEW Doctor (Without Bluetooth)


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Chihiros NEW Doctor

  • Inhibits green algae and promotes plant growth.
  • 3 operating modes - Plant, Fish & Shrimp
  • Dimensions: 62 x 62 x 18mm (control board), 50 x 83 x 30mm (reactor)


  • Inhibit green algae and promote plants growth
  • Inhibit phytoplankton initial growth and reproduction.
  • Activate microelements to promote plants growth
  • Promotion of plants growth activates photosynthesis to stabilize ecosystem.
  • Kill the crustacean pathogenic bacteria.
  • Automatically kill the pathogenic bacteria in the water in each hour through direct and indirect disinfection, which greatly improves the survival rate of juvenile prawns.
  • Depend on strong sterilization capabilities effectively kill pathogens.
  • Aeromonas hydrophila Aeromonas "Aeromons hydrophila", herpes, fungal, coli forms and other 99.9% kill efficiency results test.
  • Safe as it coexists with filter bacteria.

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