Chihiros B Series Aquarium LED


Chihiros B Series B90 (Non-Bluetooth) - 47W LED Light

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Chihiros B Series B90 (Non-Bluetooth) 


  • Colour Rendering Upgrade.

  • Naturally vivid and rich in detail.

  • Promote the natural colour of plants.

  • Natural and brilliant more durable light unit. 

  • Better fish coloration.

  • Suitable for tank size: 90-110cm

  • Lighting Size: 87.6mm x 56mm x 12mm 

  • Glass Thickness: Max 12mm

  • LED quantity: 72 pieces White, 18 pieces RGB 3in1

  • LED Color: White

  • Lumen: 2881LM

  • Power: 46.8W

The B series does not come with Blue Tooth function to adjust or dim the light. A separate Controller (Chihiros Commander 1) or Chihiros Manual Dimmer can be purchased separately. 

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