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Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro S


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Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro S

Product Description

The Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro LED has been developed from the ground up with two major objectives: a low profile and lightweight design, and to be the most powerful and efficient marine LED light fixture on the market.

Reef Flare Pro by Reef Factory are a series of modern LED Lights specifically designed to not only highlight the natural colours of corals, but to also provide them with nutritional high quality light.

The LEDs in these lights are manufactured by market leader Cree. Even the most demanding of corals will will flourish under the colour, lenses and power these lights bring to your set up.

Easy and convenient control is achieved through the Smart Reef App which is available on iOS and Android!

Lights can be mounted on the edge of your aquarium or hung on strings.


  • Dimensions: 162mm (L) x 162mm (W) x 28mm (H)
  • Supply Voltage: 230 V AC | 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 80 Watts
  • Leakage Rate: IP44


New refreshed interface panel – A new improved light management panel within the Smart Reef App. Larger sliders, giving the ability to enter the % of each color channel. Also added is the power slider bar, so that when programming you can easily set the intensity of the light across all channels.

Full Coverage – The Reef Flare Pro LEDs offer a broad area of illumination, with each model

Spread specifications:

  • Reef Flare Pro S – 60cm x 60cm
  • Reef Flare Pro M – 80cm x 70cm
  • Reef Flare Pro L – 90cm x 70cm

With depths ranging from 60cm on the Reef Flare Pro S, to 70cm on the Reef Flare Pro M and Reef Flare Pro L.

Full spectrum, 7 channels of control and specially selected colour LEDs – Thanks to the combination of high-quality LEDs, corals will grow faster and display enhanced colouration- delighting even the most demanding marine aquarist.

24 effective LEDs:

  • UV 400nm x2
  • Violet 420nm x2
  • Indigo 450nm x6
  • Blue 470nm x6
  • Green 530nm x1
  • Red 660nm x1
  • White 5700K x6


EOI Optics

Reef Factory Reef Flare EOI Optics

EOI - Efficient optic illumination. New optics were developed to create lenses that produced a highly diffused light source which achieves maximum coverage and reduces hotspots. An issue commonly associated with LED Light fixtures. This goal has been achieved by developing an optimal shape of the corrective lens combined with the type of LED diode used.

A large PAR coefficient spreads evenly within the aquarium. This innovative new Smart device will promote maximum coral growth, health and coloration.

Recommendations for Densely Populated Tanks

To help you select the right lighting for your aquarium, the diagram below presents examples and recommendations for the number and size of lights depending on the dimensions of your aquarium and coral types you keep.


 Reef Factory Reef Flare Recommended Tank

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