CerMedia Marine Pure Gems 90g


CerMedia Marine Pure Gems 90g


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CerMedia Marine Pure Gems 90g

  • Designed for Ammonia & Nitrite in systems of up to 75 gallons.

  • Can be used in canister filters, hang-on back filters or in nano-tank filter systems


  • High Surface area and open porosity for maximum beneficial bacteria growth to eliminate ammonia and nitrite and to reduce nitrates

  • 135m2 (1450 in2) of surface area per box

  • Lowers tank maintenance by reducing water changes and costly chemicals

  • Inert and chemically stable

Direction for use:

Rinse Marine Pure Gems to remove loose particles. Place Gems in canister filter, hang on the back filter or nano-tank filter system. Best results are achieved when the Gems are placed after your system's mechanical filtration.

Suitable for: Freshwater & Saltwater


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