Bioscape Tropic Aquarium Heater 100W


Bioscape Tropic Aquarium Heater 100w


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Bioscape Tropic Aquarium Heater 100W

Bioscape is an Australian aquatic brand concentrating on quality aquarium accessories with an emphasis on aquascaping. Every Bioscape Aquarium or Cloud tank is handcrafted with care and given to the consumer with a personalised signed card by the person who proudly built it. All tank care products are designed using premium materials to make fish and reptile care extra convenient, fun, and full of wonder.

The Bioscape Tripc Heater is a fully automatic and adjustable aquarium heater, and includes a bonus thermometer. This product helps keep the water temperature consistent and the heat evenly distributed over the heater element. Featuring an easy set temperature dial, and on/off indicator light, and being totally submersible, this heater is perfect for your aquarium. Bioscape Tropic heaters comes with a 3 Year Replacement Warranty for your piece of mind.

  • Easy Set Temperature Dial and On/Off indicator light

  • Simple Setting and easy to use.

  • Automatically maintains temperature selected throughout the tank

  • Reliable and sturdily built

  • Easy Set Temperature Dial

  • Totally submersible.

  • Heat resistance glass

  • Energy Saving

  • Accurate Temperature

  • Fast Heating


  • Tank size: 100-200 litres aquariums

  • Warranty: 3 Years Warranty

  • Suitability: Freshwater or Saltwater use.


  • 55W - 210mm x 25mm

  • 100W - 245mm x 25mm

  • 200W - 315mm x 25mm

  • 300W - 375mm x 25mm

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