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Aqua One Brilliance 150 Black - 398L (150x50x65cm)



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Aqua One Brilliance 150 Rectangular 398L Aquarium Set (Black)

The Aqua One Brilliance aquarium uses low iron white glass which is brighter and clearer than normal glass. This allows the colour of plants, ornaments and fish to be viewed as natural as possible!

The stylish Brilliance range comes complete with a filter, heater, LED lighting and stand. Whether you’re a novice or experienced fish keeper, the Brilliance Aquariums will be a great addition to any home or office.

Suitable for Coldwater and Freshwater Tropical

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Aquarium set includes filter, heater, light and stand.

  • White and Pink T5 lighting is used to bring out the colours in your fish, plants and ornaments.

  • Water quality and clarity are maintained with the quiet and powerful canister filter. The modular design provides both biological and mechanical filter media while enabling additional filtration media to be added to customise your filter to suit your requirements.

  • The included glass heater makes it easy to maintain the correct temperature, by providing accurate adjustable temperature and exceptional durability.

  • Matching cabinet has ample storage with a sleek gloss finish.

  • Easy set up and maintenance

Each Set Includes

  • Complete aquarium with hood and cabinet

  • Canister filter with filter media

  • Aqua One glass heater

  • LED Lighting

  • All connections


  • Model: Brilliance 150 Rectangular Aquarium Set

  • Volume: 398L

  • Colour: Black

  • Dimensions: 150 W x 50 D x 65 / 75 cm H

  • Glass thickness: 10mm

  • Filtration: Nautilus 1400

  • Lighting: LED

  • Voltage: 220-240V

  • Heater: 2 x 200W glass heater

Replacement Parts / Media:

  • 25084S Sponge - 15ppi Blue Nautilus 1100/1400 84s

  • 25084W Wool - Nautilus 1100/1400 84w

  • 25085S Sponge - 35ppi Black Nautilus 1100/1400 85s

  • 25084I Impeller Set - Nautilus 1100/1400 84i

  • 58059 UV Lamp PL-S 5W Philips

  • 53050 UV Lamp PL 5W China

Suitable for: Coldwater & Tropical

1+1 Year Guarantee

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