Aqua One Aquis 750 Series II Canister Filter 650L/Hr

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Aqua One Aquis 750 Series II Canister Filter 650L/Hr



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Aquis 750 Series II Canister Filter 650 L/Hr

The Aquis canister filter is an extremely quiet, energy efficient and powerful pressurised filter, featuring easy to use technology. The quick release tap system ensures fast and mess free filter maintenance.


The built in primer primes the filter at the push of a button. The filter substrate includes state of the art advanced media made of sintered glass, the experts media of choice due to its much larger surface area than conventional media. The modular design enables additional filter media to be added so that you can customise your filter to suit your requirements.


Features and Benefits:

  • A distinctively superior filtration system
  • Superior motor design provides silent and energy efficient operation
  • Ideal for freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Modular design allows for a variety of media
  • Quick release heavy duty clips and carry handle for safe and simple maintenance
  • 2 + 1 Year Guarantee


Technical Specifications:

  • Item No: 94102
  • Description: Aquis 750 Series II Canister Filter 550 L/hr
  • Filter Volume: 6L/1.3G
  • Max. Aquarium Volume: 100 - 200L
  • Max. Flow Rate: 550 L/hr
  • Max. Head Height: 1.4m
  • Wattage: 12.5W
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V


Replacements Parts/Media:

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  • 25401S - Sponge Pad - (15ppi) Blue 550 / 750 Aquis (2pk) 401S
  • 25402S - Sponge Pad - (35ppi) Black 550 / 750 Aquis (2pk) 402S
  • 25401W - Wool Pad - 550 / 750 Aquis (2pk) 401W
  • 10756 - Bio Balls - Suit all canister Filters (50pk)
  • 11797 - Tap Set - 550 / 750 Aquis/JBL CP-120 Canister Filter


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