Hikari Crab Cuisine 50g


Hikari Crab Cuisine 50g


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Hikari Crab Cuisine 50g

Hikari Crab Cuisine is a specialty rapidly sinking pellet food for crabs and crustaceans, which is enriched with calcium and minerals to promote proper shell development. Suitable for use for fresh water and salt water crustaceans and scavengers. 

Suitable for: Hermit crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps, Crayfish, Tadpoles etc. 

Feed Lobsters, shrimps etc., 1-4 mini sticks twice a day according to size but take care not to overfeed. 

Feed Hermit crabs in a clean shallow dish once a week. Remove uneaten food after 24 hours. 

It is always best to under feed rather than over feed. Remove all uneaten food after feeding to help maintain water quality. 

Crude Protein: min 31%; Crude Fat: min 4%; Crude Fibre: max 3%; Moisture: max 10%; Crude Ash: max 11%; Phosphorous: min 0.7% 

Made in Japan


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