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VCA Salinity Probe Kit


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Salinity Probe Stability SPS Kit

Keeping a constant salinity reading due to micro bubbles, dirt and detritus has forever annoyed the advanced reefers. Not anymore!

This salinity probe kit is carefully designed to create just the right amount of water movement and constant pressure around the probe to provide a solid and reliable reading.

It will also shielding the probe from bubbles and other debris. If a bubble does get in, the SPS kit’s constant flow over the probe will act to flush it out and help the reading recover quickly. 

Basic Installation

  • While supporting the Pressure Screen (B), carefully insert the end of the probe (F) through the top of the SPS Kit Housing (A).

  • Gently push the probe in until it stops against the Pressure Screen.

  • Connect the 1/4in supply line (E) to the push fitting (D)

  • Connect the end of the supply line to the flow source

Initial setup

  • Place the Probe with the SPS Kit installed into the water and turn on the flow source

  • First – Gently shake the assembly up and down to dislodge any air bubbles that may be trapped inside.

  • Next – Cover the opening at the bottom of the SPS Kit with you finger for a few seconds to expel any reaming air or bubble that may be trapped.

The settle in period will generally last a few minutes to as much as an hour. Once settled in, your reading will level out and you should see a steady trend line.


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