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Two Little Fishies Little Scrape


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Two Little Fishies Little Scrape

LittleScrape is a new aquarium maintenance tools from Two Little Fishies. Metal scrapers for cleaning aquarium glass are nothing new, they’ve been around for years but there’s a big difference between grades of stainless steel that can withstand corrosion in freshwater, and those that can remain immaculate when regularly exposed to seawater. 

The Two Little Fishies AlgaEraser and LittleScrape are incredibly rigid, practically inflexible, making it easier to apply force while cleaning tough algaes from the aquarium glass. Each scraper comes with a set of three different blades: one thin stainless steel blade for regular algal films, one thick stainless steel blade for cutting through coralline algae, and one molded plastic blade specially designed for use on acrylic tanks.

The low profile of the AlgaEraser and LittleScrape allows them to scrape around crowded aquascapes, enabling users to clean tough coralline algaes between closely spaced rocks and aquarium glass.

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