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Triton Water Analysis Kit - ICP



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The ultimate in water tests. Triton Lab is now available in Australia.

You simply follow the enclosed instructions and send the sample to the Triton lab in Cairns:



PO Box 127

Smithfield 4878


It should be around $10 to send by Aust Post express parcel post, if sent on Monday they should have it Tuesday.

Results are then available on line once completed, approx 1 week turn around.




TRITON Lab - Revolution in Reef keeping

The TRITON water analysis is the first and most accurate trace analytic laboratory service for marine hobbyist and professional aquarists.

TRITON`s employees not only have chemist/pharmaceutical skills, they are also specialists in chemical, biological and reef keeping techniques at a professional level.


Advantages of the TRITON Labs

Due to the TRITON Water analysis you are not only able to get the best overview of your water parameters, it also helps you to adjust the levels of trace elements, with the knowledge that you are not endangering your livestock by doing so. With the TRACE BASE system you can specifically adjust your parameters to the parameters of a natural coral reef. Due to the professional water analysis you will be able to detect traces in the water that can become harmful to your live stock and you will be able to react early enough to prevent damage or death occurring.

With the TRITON Lab problems like ionic disbalance, mistakes due to measuring failure, shortage of trace elements, over dosing, contaminated salt mix etc. will be greatly reduced.

Most importantly, the TRITON Lab will give you more knowledge about your tank

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