Tetra Whisper 300 Air Pump (Up to 300L)


Tetra Whisper 300 Air Pump (Up to 300L)


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Tetra Whisper 300 Air Pump

  • Minimal noise, maximum air flow.

  • Dome shape actually flattens sound wave frequencies

  • Sound-dampening chambers

  • The air pump's rubber feet and suspended motor prevent sound waves from reflecting off surfaces such as tables and shelves

  • Thick walls to Insulate motor noise

Tetra Whisper Air Pumps keep your aquarium oxygen levels high, helping keep your fish healthy. And with three different sized pumps, there is sure to be one that is perfect for your aquarium. This line of air pumps has a unique dome shape and rubber feet. This flattens sound wave frequencies and helps prevent them from reflecting off of surfaces such as tables and shelves, allowing your pump to produce minimal noise.


  • 1 x Tetra Whisper 300 aquarium air pump - double outlet
  • 2 x Air line control valve
  • 2 x Air line control valve
  • 1 x T-piece control valve
  • 1 x Australian approved power plug
Model Pump Output Suitable for Voltage/Frequency Wattage Dimensions
Whisper 60 50L/H 10 - 60L 230V/50Hz 2W 135L x 75W x 65H mm
Whisper 100 100L/H 50 - 100L 230V/50Hz 2.5W 145L x 85W x 65H mm
Whisper 300 300L/H 120 - 300L 230V/50Hz 4.5W 200L x 120W x 80H mm

Please Note: Airline tubing, check valves, air stones and other accessories are NOT INCLUDED with this air pump. They can be purchased seperately.



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