Seneye Leak Detector Slim


Seneye Leak Detector Slim 2m


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Seneye Leak Detector Slim 2m

The Seneye Leak Detector is the latest expansion to the Seneye monitoring system, so you can be alerted to tank or filter leaks on the same, easy to use interface.

Made with real gold, the Seneye Leak Detector allows your existing Seneye Monitoring system to send text and email alerts, which will be visible on your dashboard, alongside your alerts for other parameters eg NH3 & PH, whenever a leak is detected.

The slim Leak Detector is only 8mm thick and 66mm in sensory diameter.

*Requires a Seneye Web Server, but easy to connect & plugs straight into your existing system, with up to 2 Leak Detectors per Web Server.

15cm x 5cm x 11cm


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