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SAS Shrimp Snow 25g - Food for Broadcasting


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SAS Shrimp  Snow 25g

Shrimp Snow was developed as a completely place and forget food.  Simply place in your aquarium until consumed without adverse water quality impacts, making it ideal for short holiday periods.

100% organic soy bean husks high in amino acids and fibre with added vitamins and minerals to provide a complete shrimp diet.

Shrimp Snow promotes the growth of mycelia that all shrimp and escpecially baby shrimp graze on for better growth and moult success.  Shrimp Snow is suitable for all types of shrimp.

100% Australian owned and also 100% Australian supplied.

  • Protein 14%

  • Fibre 35%

  • Fat 4.8%

  • Ash 4.2%

  • Moisture 10%

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