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SAS Shrimp Bickies 50g - Food for Sweet Tooth


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SAS Shrimp Bickies 50g

A Food For A Sweet Tooth

The perfect option for long term feeding 24-48 hours

Nutrition Content:

  • Protein 10%

  • Fibre 22%

  • Fat 10%

  • Ash 3%

Shrimp Bickies are an ideal treat for shrimp, snails and catfish. This diet is formulated to be an ideal option for long term feeding (24 to 48hrs) without significant water quality parameter impact.
Shrimp Bickies have been made using sugar beet as the primary base which then has SAS mineral and vitamin mix added resulting in a diet option that is an excellent source of highly digestible fibre and aromatic attracting shrimp properties.
This diet is intended to be given no more than three times each 7 day period. Made from 100% organic Australian ingredients
Suitable for all caridina and neo caridina species Sugar beet and the SAS proprietary vitamin mix. Can be left in the tank for 24-48 hours

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