Salty Frag Plug 1 Inch Smooth

Salty Ceramics

Salty Ceramics Frag Plugs 1" - Smooth


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Salty Ceramics Frag Plugs 1" - Smooth

Salty Ceramics is a small company creating innovative frag plugs and tiles for the marine hobby.

The team behind the venture are Brandon and Sam who are keen hobbyist and well known for their frag swap events all over the USA. They have a passion for aquaculture and creating the best products for the hobby.

​Careful thought and purpose are put into the development of every product. Each plug and tile have a purpose in the tank, whether encouraging the best growth of mother colonies or having a neat indent to ensure easy SPS attachment. Every piece is handcrafted in the USA so exact size and colour may vary.

​Salty Ceramics Australia is excited to be bringing an ever-growing range of premium products to our stores Australia wide. The future of the marine hobby is in our tanks to share.


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