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ReefBrite Bluetooth Controller Plus

The Reef Brite Bluetooth Controller allows complete control of XHO, LumiLite Pro, and LumiLite units. Easy to install, simple to use, the Reef Brite Bluetooth Controller has a built in battery and non volatile internal memory so you never have to worry about losing your light settings or reprogramming in the event of power interruptions. Available in standard*, and Controller Plus. *Standard version can be used with your existing Reef Brite power supply that came with your light. Depending on the number of units you want to control, a larger power supply (Sold separately) may be required. Controller Plus version includes upgraded 250 watt power supply. Compatible with Apple or Android devices. The Reef Brite App is available free on Apple or Google Play.

Quick Start set up:

Download Reef Brite App (Free) from the Google Play or Apple App store.
Open App and press Connect located on the bottom left of your screen.
Controller (Reef followed by a series of numbers) will appear on screen.
Press controller displayed to select.
If the App asks you to Sync the clock on your device select yes.
Failure to do so can result in the controller not coming on according to your programmed time settings.
The first set point will automatically appear once you connect. This set point controls the initial on setting and cannot be deleted as it is a function of the App.
Click Edit to set the time you would like your light/lights to come on.
Set each channel to the desired intensity (0-100%) and click Save at the bottom of the screen.
Note: Failure to click save will result in your settings not being programmed.
Press + at the top right of your screen to add the next (Second) set point.
Set the time that you would like your light at its maximum intensity and set the intensity of each channel accordingly (1-100%). Click Save
Press + again to add the next (Third) set point. Set the time you would like the light to go off and set both channels to 0% intensity. Click Save.
At this point the controller will automatically set your On/Off and ramp/dimmer settings.
Additional set points may be added for advanced lighting schedules.
Using multiple devices: All settings are saved to the controller allowing you to open the App on any device to access or edit your settings.

Advanced features

Show Time Chart:
This allows you to see what your light setting will look like over the course of your lighting program.
Press Show Time Chart.
A graph will appear.
To test your light settings press Simulation on the bottom of your screen.
An accelerated time version of your program will begin to run.
Once you are done running the simulation click Cancel and the lights will return to their set program.
In the event you want to turn on your lights without changing your light settings select Overwrite at the bottom right of your screen.
Set each channel independently to your preferred setting.
When you are done viewing your tank select the Back button and the lights will return to their programmed settings.
Note: To save power on your device the App will time out and close if not in use. If you do not press back or reopen the App and connect the lights will stay on continuously.
To turn your lights off open the App and connect and the lights will return to their programmed settings.
Power Outages:
Your controller has its own internal clock and is designed to save your settings so that when power is restored it will automatically resume the programmed time and light settings.

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