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Reef Factory Thermo View

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Reef Factory Thermo View is like a traditional thermometer but based on modern technology.

The device can be used to monitor the water temperature in your aquarium and in any room (for instance in your sump room).

Data can be previewed online and the device can be configured via a browser on a laptop or an application on a smartphone. The temperature level is clearly displayed. Additionally, you may safeguard your aquarium by setting alerts triggered if the specified temperature values are reached. After connecting the device to the Smart Reef system, you will be able to receive text notifications directly to your phone.

You don’t need any external computers to connect the device via a Wi-Fi network. The device has everything you need.

Smart Reef App Compatible

  • User Friendly
  • Easy controlled by mobile phone app
  • Modern management system
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Wifi Connectivity

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