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Reef Factory Salinity Guardian

The Reef Factory Salinity Guardian is the world’s first stand-alone Smart salinity monitor. The device monitors the salinity in your aquarium continuously 24 hours per day, and through there Smart Reef App will notify you If the salinity reading changes from your desired level.

Utilising a highly accurate, lab grade probe, you will be able to view the current salinity measurement instantly on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet from anywhere in the world. You can also view visually at any time on the display placed next to your aquarium. Also available to review in Smart Reef app are the historical salinity measurements for up to 12 months. Great for analysis and spotting trends in your aquarium. The Salinity guardian Smart device is easy to set-up, easy to use and helps you understand the changes and keep control of the salinity in your marine aquarium.


  • Modular device – meaning you don’t need to buy a central computer to connect it with a cloud system.

    24/7 continuous monitoring.

  • Remote control directly from your mobile-phone, tablet, or desktop.

  • Alarms – when salinity level is too low or too high – notification to email or your phone

  • Measurement history – specified by you up to 12 months.

  • High quality Lab grade probe.

  • Easy configuration and calibration.

  • User-friendly app.

  • Probe holder included

  • Salinity calibration liquids included

What is Smart Reef?

The Smart Reef System is a form of app-operated software that safeguards your Aquarium by monitoring and controlling the devices that you have connected to it. It then alerts you to any issues that arise via text, email or push notifications.

The three main benefits of the Smart Reef System:

Automation: Makes your life easier by allowing the automation of various equipment used within a Marine Aquarium.

Information: Informs you on different aspects of your Aquarium’s operation, including the day-to-day parameter readings and notify you of any changes that may occur.

Safety: Safeguards your Aquarium against potential issues or risks against the welfare of the Aquarium inhabitants, by alerting you via various forms of text, email and push notifications.


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