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Reef Factory Level Sensor



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Reef Factory Level sensor is a small clever solution that prevents salinity change or will inform you when your dosing solutions are low.

The sensor can be installed:

- in the sump - to protect the automatic refill system against damage and to prevent flooding and changes in the water salinity levels;

- in the Balling/Core7 liquid containers - if the Balling/Core7 liquids run out, you will receive a text/push/email notification directly to your phone;

- in the automatic refill system container - if the RO water runs out in the refill system, you will receive a text/push/email notification;

- anywhere you want to monitor the water level.

The device can be controlled via a phone or browser. The sensor can be connected to the Smart Reef system as a part of this comprehensive marine aquarium management solution.


  • Smart Reef App Compatible
  • User Friendly
  • Easy controlled by mobile phone app
  • Modern management system
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Wifi Connectivity

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