Red Sea Coral Colors D 500ml

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Red Sea Trace Colors D 500ml


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Red Sea Trace Colors D 500ml

A trace element complex that promotes the Purple/Blue colors in corals

Red Sea’s research has identified 31 minor and trace elements that in addition to the foundation elements are present in the skeleton and soft tissue of all corals. The Reef Colors supplement family divides these elements into four groups (Reef Colors A, B, C & D) that are related by the biological functions they perform and are also associated with the production of specific color pigments in the soft tissue of stony corals. These pigments can only be produced if the specific elements required for the bio-chemical process are available in the correct concentration. All 31 elements are required by all stony corals irrespective of the actual color the coral displays.

Reef Colors supplements have been formulated such that the ratio of the elements in each supplement is the same as that found in the skeleton and soft tissue of corals. Red Sea's research has identified a constant ratio between each of the Reef Colors and the overall consumption of calcium, which is proportional to coral growth and metabolic activity. This provides an easy and safe method of dosing all Reef Colors Supplements based on a measured calcium uptake.

Reef Colors A, B & C each contain a leading element (Iodine, Potassium & Iron) that is accurately measurable with Red Sea’s unique Reef Colors Pro test kits. For more advanced LPS and SPS aquariums Colors A, B & C can therefore be dosed precisely according to the total demand of the reef for these elements.

Reef Color D is a complex of 18 trace elements. These 18 elements (out of all the trace elements in NSW) participate in different metabolic processes inside coral skeleton and soft tissue. D elements are related to the blue/purple chromo-proteins.


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