Pondmax Black Waterfall Foam


PondMax Black Waterfall Foam



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PondMax Black Waterfall Foam 425g

Fish and Aquatic Life Safe.

A can of PondMAX Black Waterfall Foam holds roughly 12.3L of expanded foam. This makes a bead of foam 1.27cm diameter about 165cm long.

Cured foam resists solvents, water and weathering.

Foam which is exposed to direct sunlight can be painted to protect against gradual decomposition or discolouring.

PondMAX Black Waterfall Foam expands and fills voids between rocks and liner, so as to divert water in desired direction. It simplifies waterfall construction and can be easier to use and apply than mortar.

The foam will not crack or breakdown in freezing temperatures. The black colour of the foam will blend into the waterfall setting and maintain its durability.

The PondMax Black Waterfall Foam will not hurt fish or other aquatic life. It cures within 40 minutes and excess foam can be easily removed if necessary, once it’s dried.


  • Can be used for aquascaping purposes to create rocks formation as well as to create structures for paludariums setups. 

  • Safe for fish and aquatic life. 

  • Long lasting color durability. 

  • UV Stabilised.

  • Non toxic.

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