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Pilo Moss - Pilotrichaceae Sp. (5x5cm)

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Pilo Moss Pilotrichaceae sp. "Pilo Moss"


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Pilo Moss grows fine medium green fronds that are tightly packed with many small, short pointed leaves. It has a “weeping”, overhanging growth form.

Pilo Moss attaches very easily to hardscape and also substrate. It can be used to create foreground carpets or when attached to hardscape can trail down for an attractive overhanging feature. In the foreground its horizontal growth allows it to grow over rocks to create soft cushions.

Pilo Moss is very easy to grow, requiring low to medium lighting and temperatures below 30°, ideally lower than 26°. It grows slowly, so if using as a carpet plant, several portions are recommended to fill out areas faster.

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