Ocean Nutrition Frozen Bloodworms 100g

Ocean Nutrition

Ocean Nutrition Frozen Bloodworms 100g

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Ocean Nutririon Frozen Bloodworms 100g

  • Naturally nutritious frozen fish food.
  • Rich in protein, fatty acids, and natural pigments.
  • Carefully cleaned to assure product quality and food safety.
  • Quickly frozen to assure the bloodworms stay whole and nutritious.



  • Removes frozen cubes or pieces of frozen food from packaging
  • Thaw in a cup of water before feeding or feed frozen
  • Fish should be fed two to three times a day
  • Only feed the amount that your fish consume in five minute
  • Remove any uneaten food


Recommended for use with:

Discus, Bettas, Angels, Barbs, Catfish, and all freshwater carnivores.


Allergy Warning:

This package contains natural products to which some people may have allergic reactions.


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