Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Egg 50g

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Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Egg 50g


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Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Egg 50g

100% Brine Shrimp eggs from the Great Salt Lake. Extremely high hatch rate.

Innovative Nitro Pack inner package assures a great hatch. Ideal for reef tanks and baby fish!


Hatching instructions:

  • Use 25gr to 35gr (+/- 1 soupspoon) of salt per liter and add +/- 2gr of brine shrimp eggs per liter.
  • Use tap water and pour salt into the cone with air pump running. When using kitchen salt, it is best is to add +/- 3gr (1 teaspoon) of sodium-bicarbonate (backing soda). Make sure the water temperature is maintained between 26° - 29° during the incubation period. (Do not exceed 30°C, as improper temperature control is the main reason for a bad hatch). The air line should reach to the bottom of the hatching vessel to ensure vigorous and homogenous mixing. An air stone is not recommended.
  • Add the eggs to the hatching water and make sure air keeps eggs in suspension. Eggs will hatch into very tiny, nearly microscopic "Nauplii" (babies) in 18 to 30 hours.
  • You can harvest by removing the air tube and waiting two to five minutes for the orange nauplii to come to the bottom of the cone.
  • After 24 hours stop aeration and wait 10 minutes until nauplii settle to the bottom. Empty shells will float at the surface. Siphon the nauplii on a sieve, rinse carefully with tap water and feed to your animals.



Brine Shrimp Eggs.

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