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Ocean Free T1 Herbal Bacteria Water Conditioner 250ml

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Ocean Free T1 Herbal Bacteria Water Conditioner 250ml

Natural Herbal Extract and Health Supplement for Bacteria (Specially Formulated in 2017)

OF Herbal Bacteria Conditioner uses of natural Chinese herb extracts as a natural and safe supplement, creating an ideal environment for all fish, aquaculture and amphibians.


  • Effectively reduce harmful substances in the water, control and stabilize water condition, and establish good water quality environment.
  • Encourage growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • Stabilise water conditions.
  • Safe dosage, will not harm aquatic life even if overdose by two times.


  • Calculate the capacity of water to be treated.

  • Shake contents well before use. Use 1ml per 10L water. Apply dosage once for the period of 5-7 days. Continue dosage if necessary.

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